BLOG Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Open signups

Several people have asked me how to set up open signups for their private Tracks deployments, so I added a new FAQ entry for that.  I should put these changes on github, but I haven’t figured out how to push to my fork yet.

When I do, I’ll push another Tracks hack written last year, but never deployed — Javascript-based AES encryption of todos and notes using the Clipperz library.  The trouble with it was: it was hard to see why a suspicious user (typical of one wanting to use encryption) would trust it!

In other news, has expanded to using a dedicated MySQL slice at Slicehost, in addition to the 2GB slice that Rails runs on.  I’m considering offering separate, faster database support for users paying more than $1/month — basically like buying a timeshare on a private MySQL slice (let me know if that’s something you’d sign up for).

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