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More unexpected downtime

Slicehost was having network issues again today.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that since they got bought by Rackspace and (I assume) don’t have much staff left in St. Louis, support & availability there have gotten much worse.  Our servers had already been migrated to Rackspace’s datacenters in Chicago, but because their [...]

Unexpected downtime

It all began one morning last week when our app server was “emergency migrated” from Slicehost’s datacenter in St. Louis to the new one in Chicago.  It’s been a while since Rackspace acquired Slicehost and Rackspace had been planning to migrate everyone out of St. Louis for a while, but promised to warn customers before [...]

A bit zippier?

If things feel zippier to you, it’s because I’ve been tweaking the deployment a bit; the biggest change is that we’re trying out Ruby Enterprise Edition.  I’ve been pretty impressed with the responsiveness of the site, but let me know if this causes any problems for you.  Thanks!

Network issues today

Sorry everyone — our host Slicehost, which has usually been very good wrt uptime, had a whole bunch of trouble with packet loss this morning, and then later this afternoon. They took down the data center where we’re located (STL-A) for “emergency network maintenance” this afternoon, but the network seems to be up and humming [...]

Tracks 1.7 upgrade, SMS working

The ability to send new todos via SMS and email works with the new version of Tracks now; sorry that it was disabled until now.  I’ve also tweaked the CSS slightly and enabled OpenID.  Let me know if there are any issues with the new version!

Upgraded to 1.7 has been upgraded to the latest Tracks 1.7 branch, which brings with it the following new features (from the official release notes):

Tracks now supports recurring/repeating todos
Cleanup of feed page and add feed for starred actions
New buttons to quickly defer an action 1 or 7 days
Calendar view to review upcoming due actions, includes iCal feed to [...]

Tracks adopts patches

[Back-posted to commit date] A number of my patches were accepted on this day by the Tracks team – turns out Github really is a great way to collaborate on open source projects!  I’m glad to have finally made some (admittedly tiny) contributions back to the Tracks project.

Here are the patches, all added on 3/31: add [...]

Alternate new-todo email addresses

Many of you use the site’s email/SMS feature to quickly jot down and send in your todos when you’re on the run. Unfortunately, in the past these todos may have been lost if your mobile phone service, SMS-to-email bridge, or mail client doesn’t correctly put your secret “add new todo” email address in your message’s “To:” [...]

Open signups

Several people have asked me how to set up open signups for their private Tracks deployments, so I added a new FAQ entry for that.  I should put these changes on github, but I haven’t figured out how to push to my fork yet.
When I do, I’ll push another Tracks hack written last year, but never deployed [...]

Email/SMS outage

Hi all — we upgraded the server running last week, and in the process disabled the add-todos-via-email feature. Many apologies to those who tried to add new items unsuccessfully during this time; the problem is fixed now. For those who are looking to retrieve an important idea or note mailed during this period, we [...]