BLOG Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tracks 1.6 available

Tracks 1.6 was released a little while ago, adding two main new features: a search box for your data, and improved mobile support. For those of you who didn’t notice, there’s been a lightweight mobile interface to Tracks available at since the last upgrade.

This new version looks better on the iPhone, so it’s the default for the mobile view, but hasn’t been deployed yet on the main site.  If you want to try it, please visit, where I’ve been testing out Tracks 1.6 with some mobile users who’d emailed about it.  Your login is the same as on, and any changes or new todos will appear immediately in both versions.

Finally, apologies for taking so long to mention this on the blog; just got back from two weeks (well, more like a week and a half) on tour.  Stay tuned for: questionably secure Javascript-based encryption, and slightly better iPhone support.

Upgraded to 2GB slice!

This week we upgraded the server hosting to a collossal 2GB slice at Slicehost!  Since last year we’d been running on a 1GB slice, and have been really happy with the service we’re getting.  If you want to host Tracks for yourself and can administer your own server, I’d strongly recommend Slicehost; please mention or use this link if you’d like me to earn a small commission.

Since we have twice as much RAM, I increased the size of MySQL’s query cache and InnoDB buffer pool.  This should improve performance overall, but fast database access only goes so far — Tracks spends most of its time in Rails, rendering as HTML the data provided by MySQL.  My logs show faster DB times, but let me know if you noticed anything.

Upgraded to Tracks 1.5

I’m glad to announce has been upgraded to the new Tracks 1.5!  This version brings with it a bunch of new features, like:

Get more details from the Tracks 1.5 release notes.  And don’t worry, adding todos via SMS/email still works!

Feed URLs have changed
The new version of Tracks has changed the URLs for TXT, RSS, and iCal feeds.  Old feed URLs will be redirected.  If your feed reader experiences errors, please visit your feeds page to get new URLs.  (Command-line users, you can tell curl to follow redirects with curl -L).